Widespread internet outages hit northeast U.S.

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Internet users across the northeast U.S. reported widespread outages Tuesday.

In an emailed statement 90 minutes after the outage was first reported, Verizon said it was working on the problem hurting Fios service “throughout the Northeast corridor” and that some service had already been restored.

The telecom giant had reported a cut fiber in Brooklyn via Twitter, although it’s not clear if that issue was responsible for the entire outage. Verizon didn’t give any estimate in its email about when the problem would be fixed.

Comcast, another major internet service provider, said its network was performing normally in the early afternoon on the East Coast.

People posting on Twitter reported having issues connecting with various online services in a geographic area stretching from Washington to Boston. That densely populated region includes key U.S. government services as well as major financial companies such as Fidelity Investments.

The outage is affecting major internet and cloud providers as well as major sites such as Google and Facebook.


One thought on “Widespread internet outages hit northeast U.S.

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