One thought on “Watch: The Easiest Countries to Move to from the USA

  1. If you have Irish or Italian ancestory (even just a grandparent will do) as long as you have or can get the documentation to prove the link, uou can get nationality and the passport. There are probably more countries that are similar too, but many Americans have Irish or Italian roots. The Irish or Italian passport makes it much easier to live in Portugal (or anywhere else in the EU). Portugal is great, but you really need to speak some Portuguese. I was born and raised American, but had enough in the mid eighties. I had an Irish grandmother I never even met, that was enough to get an Irish passport. I lived 35 years all over Europe, Italy is very nice too as are Germany, Austria and France. But beware of FATCA, it is a real hasstle. I finally renounced my US citizenship in 2014 because of it, I have three other nationalities / passports,and hardly ever visited the US after leaving anyway. My wife is Brazilian, I am in Brazil on break, we have property here. I am looking for another contract after covid destroyed the aerospace industry, but if I don’t find one, will just retire here. I love Brazil (the south is great as in Santa Catarina), very European. Argentina too and Chile, all very nice places to live. But like Portugal, you need to speak Portuguese (Brazil) or Spanish (the others here in South America). I speak both Spanish and Portuguese (German and French too). After your first foreign language, the others come easily. The best reason to leave the US (if you are a man, especially whyte) is because of the way you are treated there. The women are much more feminine and man friendly in Europe and South America. I hate radical feminists. Racial and political tensions too are a reason to leave. And health care, the US is not a great place to live anymore, unless you are very rich and have good lawyers to protect you. Check out the rest of the world, the US is not the wonderful place the propaganda would like you to believe it is.

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