Trump Makes First Public Comments Since Leaving Office

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Former President Donald Trump said Friday in his first public comments since leaving office that he’ll make a comeback in some way but didn’t elaborate.

“We’ll do something, but not just yet,” Trump told Rob Crilly of the Washington Examiner on Friday. He didn’t provide more details.

Trump made the comment while dining at the Trump International Golf Club in West Palm Beach, Florida, according to the Examiner article.

On Wednesday morning, before leaving for Florida, Trump made similar remarks about being “back in some form.’

“I will tell you that the future of this country has never been better. I wish the new administration great luck and great success. I think they’ll have great success. They have the foundation to do something really spectacular,” Trump told supporters hours before President Joe Biden was inaugurated.

Trump told supporters “you’re going to see incredible numbers coming in”—referring to the U.S. economy—if the Biden administration leaves his policies unchecked. However, on the first day of his administration, Biden moved to undo a number of Trump’s executive orders on immigration, suspending the Keystone XL pipeline, removing Trump’s 1776 Commission, and more.

“I want you to know that the movement we started is only just beginning. There’s never been anything like it,” Trump also said Tuesday in a pre-recorded video posted online.

Also Friday, former Trump adviser Stephen Miller told the Washington Examiner that “Florida is really the perfect place to be the new HQ of the MAGA movement and a launching pad for the president’s next endeavor.”

Miller said that Trump could play a role politically.

“He leaves with the certain knowledge that he put everything you have into the mission,” added Miller. “This movement is beginning. This movement is a young movement. It’s still in its infancy and the president — his own journey is still only begun.”

Some advisers have suggested he’ll get involved in the 2022 midterm races and could run for president in 2024.

“Trump has a number of goals over the next couple of years … winning back the House and the Senate for Republicans in 2022 to make sure that we can stop the Democratic craziness,” said another former adviser, Jason Miller, earlier this week.

Miller asserted that Trump will “emerge as the nation’s leader on ballot and voter integrity.”

The Senate, controlled by Democrats now, is aiming to convict Trump after the House impeached him. If the Senate convicts Trump, he could be possibly barred from becoming president again.

The Epoch Times has reached out to the Trump Organization for comment.


9 thoughts on “Trump Makes First Public Comments Since Leaving Office

  1. Since he’s building a library maybe in addition to an independent free speech site he can help direct the development of a public civics education website, along with a no-charge read-only remedial education completion website/finishing school to help people reach an honest 12th grade level. K-12 in this country is judged a general failure overall, and American civics is/was a subject that was taught probably in jr. high/high school. 43 million US adults are considered to be functionally illiterate. That means they would struggle with a civics book even probably written in 8th grade English. Whoever’s in charge in D.C. needs to make reading a national priority. If you cannot read you are going nowhere fast…and you have no prayer of understanding the news broadcasts.

  2. Biden stole the election, fair and square. There will be no room in the new regime for Trump or any other opposing political group. We’re operating in full banana republic mode now. The comparisons to Venezuela are valid.

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