De Blasio: NYC should prepare for a full shutdown

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The mayor of New York City issued an ominous warning on Monday that the entire city should prepare for another possible full closure.

Mayor Bill de Blasio says more restrictions should start “quite soon” and people should prepare now.  He made the statement on the same day that the first coronavirus vaccine shot was administered to a nurse in Queens.

“What is increasingly clear is that all forms of restrictions have to be on the table at this point,” de Blasio said.  “At the current rate we are going you have to be ready now for a full shutdown, a pause like we had back at the end of the spring.”

The mayor says city officials are working with the state and that the governor would ultimately make the decision on any full shutdown of the city.

“That is increasingly necessary just to break the back of this second wave, to stop this second wave from growing, to stop it from taking lives,” the mayor said of further restrictions.

The number of coronavirus cases and hospitalizations have been steadily climbing in New York City.  A new ban on indoor dining went into effect Monday in New York City.  Restaurants and bars are still allowed to offer outdoor dining, takeout, or delivery.

The restaurant industry was still struggling to recover from the initial closure and limited indoor seating since the reopening.  There are fears that thousands of small businesses will not be able to survive another closure.

De Blasio says that anyone who can avoid going into their workplace in the city should avoid going in and work remotely.  He said that hopefully, the restrictions would be for “a matter of weeks.”

This article first appeared at FOX5.

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  1. OK, so your locked in a room with a Siberian tiger, a spitting viper, and De Blasio. You have a gun, but you only have two bullets. What do you do?

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