Israel to send 5,000 doses of Covid-19 vaccine to Palestinians

Israel, currently the leading country in Covid-19 immunization, has finally agreed to deliver some vaccines to Palestinians. The disparity had been condemned by the UN, which said it violated international law. The office of Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz confirmed on Sunday that the Jewish state is to transfer 5,000 doses of the coronavirus vaccine to Palestinians. The drug will be used to immunize frontline medical workers, the statement said, Continue Reading

UK lawmaker suggests GPS tracking people to enforce quarantine

Jeremy Hunt, a Conservative Party Member of Parliament (MP) in the UK, has recommended GPS tracking to ensure Britons comply with COVID-19 self-isolation measures. The MP believes that such drastic and anti-privacy measures are necessary because self-isolation will “remain a key part of our strategy for some time.” Britons who re-enter the country are required, by law, to self-isolate for at least ten days; they are not allowed to leave Continue Reading

China Using ‘Accurate’ Anal Swabs to Test for COVID-19, Report Says

Although many have deemed a nasal COVID-19 test as uncomfortable, there is perhaps another option that is arguably even more so, but, notably, in equal measure conclusive. China is making use of anal swabs to test people for the novel coronavirus infection amid a fresh outbreak in the country, Newsweek reported citing a Chinese disease professional. The report has it that over a million Beijing residents have so far been Continue Reading

Media Blackout: Italian Bars & Restaurants Disobey Rules & Open Together In Civil Disobedience

What Happened: Despite no mainstream media coverage, people are starting to become aware of what seems to be a mass civil disobedience campaign in Italy against lockdown measures (#IoApro). An estimated 50,000 bars, restaurants and other businesses are defying government orders and are remaining open to the public, together. We cannot confirm the exact number. UK journalist Damian Wilson writes, “if the number of 50,000 establishments currently on board is to be believed, Continue Reading

U.S. announces restoration of relations with Palestinians

U.S. President Joe Biden’s administration announced Tuesday it was restoring relations with the Palestinians and renewing aid to Palestinian refugees, a reversal of the Trump administration’s cutoff and a key element of its new support for a two-state solution to the decades-old conflict between Israelis and Palestinians. Acting U.S. Ambassador Richard Mills made the announcement of Biden’s approach to a high-level virtual Security Council meeting, saying the new U.S. administration Continue Reading