Harvard’s top astronomer says our solar system may be teeming with alien technology

If you could fly two billion miles in the direction of the Pegasus constellation, and knew where to look, you would find a thin, flat object, about the size of a football field and up to ten times more reflective than the average comet. If you watched it for a while, you would notice that it is tumbling as it moves away from the sun, turning end over end roughly Continue Reading

How a flu virus shut down the US economy in 1872 — by infecting horses

In 1872 the U.S. economy was growing as the young nation industrialized and expanded westward. Then in the autumn, a sudden shock paralyzed social and economic life. It was an energy crisis of sorts, but not a shortage of fossil fuels. Rather, the cause was a virus that spread among horses and mules from Canada to Central America. For centuries horses had provided essential energy to build and operate cities. Now Continue Reading

Burnt ‘Great Pyramid’ notes reveal Isaac Newton’s research into the apocalypse

Sir Isaac Newton, the acclaimed physicist, mathematician, and astronomer, may be one of the most renowned scientists of all time, but his wide-ranging research took him to strange places far outside what we now consider to be science. Amidst his outstanding legacy of academic output, numerous fragments and unpublished notes – many discovered after his death in 1727 – stand as a testament to his long and said-to-be obsessive interest in matters Continue Reading

New superhighway system discovered in the Solar System

Researchers have discovered a new superhighway network to travel through the Solar System much faster than was previously possible. Such routes can drive comets and asteroids near Jupiter to Neptune’s distance in under a decade and to 100 astronomical units in less than a century. They could be used to send spacecraft to the far reaches of our planetary system relatively fast, and to monitor and understand near-Earth objects that Continue Reading