“This Fair Share Is a Bullsh*t Concept” – Hedge Fund Billionaire Shows His Ass on Live TV – Blames Poor People for Stock Market Mess

Billionaire hedge fund manager Leon Cooperman joined CNBC this morning and knew exactly who to blame. The poor people! Leon Cooperman: “The reason the market is doing what it’s doing is people are sitting at home getting their checks from the government. This ‘fair share’ is a bullshit concept and is just a way to attack wealthy people.” Listening to irate New York hedge fund billionaire Leon Cooperman on CNBC Continue Reading

Robinhood Forced To Draw-Down Credit Lines Amid Trading Ban, Bloomberg Reports

Summary of today’s trading chaos: Robinhood Draws Down On Credit Lines With Banks.  Citadel Securities Denies It Influenced Robhinhood In Restricting Stock Trading In GME. Robinhood Releases Statement Saying Stock Trading In GME Restarts Friday.  Robinhood Users Complain Their GME Positions Are Being Sold Without Notice.  Elon Musk Agreed With Congresswoman AOC For Investigation In Robinhood Banning Users From Trading GME. Barstool’s David Portnoy Starts Twitter Spat With Citadel Point72’s Steve Cohen. User Continue Reading

WATCH: Cops Shoot Mentally Ill Man, Keep Shooting After He Falls Down, Killing Him

Slidell, LA — A mother in Slidell is grieving and asking for answers this week after police officers surrounded her son — who was in the midst of a mental health crisis — and shot him to death. Caleb McCree, 43, spent his last moments alive surrounded by police before he was shot, fell to the ground, and received at least 5 more bullets ensuring his untimely death. According to Continue Reading

Cop Arrested for Bribery Last Week, Arrested This Week For Child Porn Bestiality

San Antonio, TX — San Antonio Police Officer Erik Rodriguez is accused of being a particularly bad cop. Earlier this month, the 14-year veteran of the department was arrested on a misuse of official information charge. One week later, he was arrested again, this time for bribery. And, this week, this cop was arrested one more time — on charges of possession of child porn bestiality. Rodriguez’s decent into crime Continue Reading

Dropbox announces 300 layoffs

More than half of 315 layoffs recently announced by Dropbox affect employees in San Francisco, according to its recently released WARN Act notice filed with California regulators. The company is eliminating 167 positions, or 53% of the cuts, at its new headquarters at The Exchange in Mission Bay. A hint of things to come emerged over the summer. In July, the cloud storage company began marketing more than a third Continue Reading