As Schools Reopen Amid COVID, Kids Forced to Kneel for Hours, Get No Recess, No Art, & No PE

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“It is, in fact, nothing short of a miracle that the modern methods of education have not yet entirely strangled the holy curiosity of inquiry; for this delicate plant, aside from stimulation, stands mainly in need of freedom; without this it goes to wrack and ruin without fail. It is a very grave mistake to think that the enjoyment of seeing and searching can be promoted by means of coercion and a sense of duty.” –Albert Einstein

Standard education in America typically focuses on creating a supply of worker bees who follow orders from authority and operate within the confines that the system has set out, but lack critical thinking skills. Even before the insanity around COVID-19 lockdowns began, the results of such a system which suppresses and discourages creativity and imagination were already having a detrimental effect on children. Now, however, thanks to a set of often cruel and entirely arbitrary regulations, children across the planet are being severely harmed by government mandates, school regulations, and lockdowns.

Last month a study by researchers at the University of Cambridge found that the government-imposed lockdowns in response to the coronavirus pandemic cause significant harm to children’s mental health. The study, published in the Archives of Disease in Childhood, was the first of its kind to analyze data on younger children’s mental health before and during the first lockdown in the United Kingdom last spring.

Following 168 children between the ages of 7 ½ and 11 ½, the researchers conclude: “During the UK lockdown, children’s depression symptoms have increased substantially, relative to before lockdown. The scale of this effect has direct relevance for the continuation of different elements of lockdown policy, such as complete or partial school closures.”

They continue: “Specifically, we observed a statistically significant increase in ratings of depression, with a medium-to-large effect size. Our findings emphasise the need to incorporate the potential impact of lock-down on child mental health in planning the ongoing response to the global pandemic and the recovery from it.”

There are multiple other studies showing the same thing, including those from the CDC. Unfortunately, however, government seems entirely unconcerned with remedying the problem. And, as the following case out of Alaska illustrates, when children actually do go back to school, government imposes outright torturous and inhumane restrictions.

After being locked down for over ten months, children in Anchorage recently returned to school. However, other than returning to the same buildings, nothing else was the same.

As stated above, many of these regulations are often arbitrary like Anchorage’s decision to remove desks from classrooms. When returning to school this week, children walked into classrooms with no desks. Instead there is a kneeling mat and a chair that they cannot sit in. The chair functions as their new desk.

In this dystopian classroom the children will be forced to kneel for over five hours a day, while wearing a mask. They will have no recess, no art classes, and no physical education.

Apparently, art, recess, PE — and apparently desks — all spread coronavirus.

The independent news site, Must Read Alaska did an exposé on the new regulations and they are nothing short of horrifying. They asked parents, who were shocked by the new conditions, to send in photos. The pictures are utterly depressing.

According to the report:

Parents who viewed the classroom their students will be returning to expressed shock: All desks have been removed. Students will kneel on gardening pads and use chairs as their desks for 5.5 hours.

Rather than lockers, they will have to bring a five-gallon utility bucket to store their lunch, jackets, and supplies in. The parents were told all students will be masked over their nose and mouth.

Naturally, the bureaucrats behind the policies — who won’t be forced to kneel on the floor for five hours a day — claim it is for the good of the children.

“It may be hard to remember what ‘school in school’ was like. That’s okay! We will transition to a new routine together. We are paving the way for a new approach to learning in-person. The District is prepared with Individual School Safety and Mitigation Plans that are in line with CDC guidelines and customized by school principals and staff to ensure the mitigation works for each unique schools’ building and culture,” the district said.

But there is nothing “okay” about it. In fact, it’s terrifying that children will be treated like this, and parents agree.

“We wouldn’t allow terrorists to be treated like this,” said one concerned parent, who asked to be kept anonymous, according to MRA.

Now, as kids who’ve been suffering during home learning for the last ten months return to these prison-esque classrooms, they will be subjected to torturous conditions in the name of keeping them safe from a virus they have a near-zero chance of dying from. 

As stated above, public education in the land of the free was already damaging children. Now, thanks to the callous bureaucracies completely devoid of logic and obsessed by fear, that damage will be magnified ten-fold.


3 thoughts on “As Schools Reopen Amid COVID, Kids Forced to Kneel for Hours, Get No Recess, No Art, & No PE

  1. Zero children in these torture chambers, with the torturers sitting facing an empty room, would mean zero financing for these shams posing as schools.

    Parents have this reflexive feeling when they view the Principal–they think he or she is God. But people, you’re all adults now. Show up, en masse, in the Principal’s office, tell her or him you will absolutely NOT allow your children to be treated this way, and explain that your children will be educated, at home, in the knowledge and values that YOU choose for them. If the truant officer shows up at your door, tell them to wait a minute because the next person at the door will be the sheriff, who will arrest them for attempting to perpetrate a crime against your children. Then do it. Show the cop these pictures, if necessary explain how this would be detrimental to your child’s development, and be certain that charges are pressed while discussing a personal lawsuit against each School Board member, the principal, the teacher, the supervisors of the truant officer, and the truant officers themselves.

    This is mass madness, to quote a familiar personality. YOU people are in charge. Don’t bow to their self-assigned “authority.” Grow a pair.

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