The Internet’s War On Wall Street Did What Government Could Not—It United America

In the last three weeks, after the Trumpists were duped into thinking they could stop the election of Joe Biden by walking into the capitol and taking selfies with cops, the American technocratic police state has shifted into hyperdrive. In the name of stopping the “insurrection” that wasn’t, President Joe Biden and his team of neoliberal cronies have moved to criminalize speech, up to and including arresting people for trolling Continue Reading

Cop Arrested for Sexually Abusing 46 Children, Forcing Them to Cut Themselves, Threatening to Kill Them

The Free Thought Project has reported on countless cases of child predator cops going after their victims through various means online, at school, in the home, on the job, and elsewhere. We have reported on abuse and utterly horrifying incidents over the years that shock the conscience. However, we have never reported on a case like the one below in which an NYPD cop allegedly preyed on dozens of children Continue Reading

Crypto Exchange Binance Says Its Systems Are Under Stress

Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange by volume, said a rush of new users put its systems under stress, forcing it to briefly suspend withdrawals. Chief Executive Officer Changpeng Zhao said that user sign-ups and trades jumped to a record high. Crypto prices surged on Friday after Tesla Inc. founder Elon Musk added a reference to Bitcoin to his Twitter profile and posted a mock magazine cover of a whippet Continue Reading

It’s time for a government bailout of GME shareholders at $10,000 per share. This would be roughly equivalent to the $700 billion bank bailout in 08 that was necessary to prevent ‘systemic risk’.

The short positions put on by the hedge funds are posing a systemic risk to the market. Bail out both sides by liquidating the hedge funds, but not the brokers or clearinghouses, but also put a buy order in for $10k per share to allow GME shareholders to exit. Isn’t $700 billion better than a financial meltdown? Just like last time you can ‘put rules in place to make sure Continue Reading

Cash-Strapped Robinhood Scrambles To Raise $1 Billion From The Rich

After years of carefully building its brand and reputation, Robinhood, the stock-trading app that helped invent the no-fee commission, is on the verge of collapse as it faces a mortal threat for any financial company: a bank – or in this case a brokerage run – as thousands of its core users threatened to abandon the platform after RH halted trades in shares of Gamestop, AMC and other shares that Continue Reading

Viral Reddit Post From ‘Robinhood Insider’ Claims White House Pressured Broker to Block Buying of GameStop Shares

A post claiming to be from a Robinhood employee that has gone viral on Reddit alleges that the White House put pressure on the broker to halt buying of GameStop shares. Retail traders were left fuming earlier today when Robinhood and other trading platforms curbed buying of stocks that the Reddit community WallStreetBets has targeted in its bid to bankrupt hedge funds. Many saw this as a blatantly corrupt, and Continue Reading