Suddenly Optimistic Fauci Sees Pandemic “Plateauing,” Feels “Liberated” Under Biden Admin

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We’ve seen a flurry of new coronavirus news reported published early this afternoon, beginning with a slight ray of hope for Washington DC residents after a difficult week. On Friday, the inauguration-related “pause” on dining in public will be lifted, allowing Americans to eat indoors, so long as the capacity is 25% of total.

Elsewhere, vaccine skepticism is once again the name of the game in France on Thursday, where President Emmanuel Macron warned French politicians and the French people not to assume that the virus will simply disappear once vaccinations are complete.

In other news, a reporter grilling Joe Biden about the US’s weak vaccination targets elicited a frustrated response from Biden, who raged “Give me a Break!” at the reporter in question. Here’s how that went down.

REPORTER: “You set the goal at 100 million vaccines, is that high enough? Should you set the bar higher? That’s basically where the US is right now.” BIDEN: “When I announced it, you all said that it’s not possible. Come on. Give me a break, man”.

As if the press hasn’t already fawned over Biden enough…but we digress. In other news, Biden insisted that wearing masks until April may help save 50K lives, another number apparently pulled out of a hat.

Finally, Dr. Fauci said Thursday that it looks like new cases in the USA might actually be plateauing, despite the holiday surge we were promised by him a few months ago. But where is this more optimistic frame of mind based on? Well, the diminutive doctor admitted that he feels “liberated” by Biden.


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