COVID-19 Vaccine Approved In Under a Year As Gov’t Keeps Cannabis Schedule 1 Drug

As pharmaceutical companies across the globe all conclude the development of their vaccines in a near-simultaneous manner, government health agencies are rushing to approve them for distribution. Never in the history of vaccines has an inoculation been developed and subsequently approved in less than a year, and yet now we have multiple ones.

No one here is claiming that the vaccine will hurt massive amounts of people or that it will not be beneficial in stopping the virus. However, by the very definition of the phrase, “long term effects” the literal long term effects of the vaccine are completely unknown. Nevertheless, under pressure from citizens, industry insiders, and the media, governments around the world have developed methods to “fast track” and “warp speed” the approval of these vaccines.

The process has been so fast that even those working on the front lines of the the pandemic are expressing their concerns and refusing to take the jab.

Because they work on the front lines, healthcare workers are eligible to skip to the front of the line to receive the jab of the vaccine that was developed in record time. However, despite assurances from vaccine makers and their revolving door friends in the Food and Drug Administration, many of these front line workers are leery of this rushed product.

“I think I would take the vaccine later on, but right now I am a little leery of it,” nurse Yolanda Dodson, 55, who works at the Montefiore Hospital in New York City and spent the spring in the heart of the deadly fight against the virus told AFP.

“Vaccine studies so far “look promising but I don’t think there is enough data yet,” Dodson said.

“This is a vaccine that was developed in less than a year and approved under the same administration and government agencies that allowed the virus to spread like a wildfire,” Diana Torres, a nurse at a Manhattan hospital who saw several of her co-workers die of the virus this spring, said.

“They didn’t have enough time and people to study the vaccine,” she said. “This time around I will pass and watch how it unfolds.”

“They failed miserably with PPE (personal protective equipment) and testing and now they want you to be guinea pigs for the vaccine,” Torres friend added.

These are front line health care workers, experiencing the pandemic every day of their lives, and yet they remain skeptical — and rightfully so.

What’s more, the government’s selective approval process has been less than stellar given the opioid epidemic, and the millions of people harmed by FDA-approved medications. Highlighting the lapse in their judgement is the fact that as the government fast tracks this vaccine to market, cannabis — that has never killed a single person and has been around as long as we have — remains classified as follows:

a drug with no currently accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse.

Seems legit.

This article first appeared at TFP.

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